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An offer for a manual SEO audit

We've received many requests about manually auditing your websites. You ask, and we deliver! Let us invite you to take advantage of the offer of our SEO experts, who will adjust the guidelines to your needs.

To meet your expectations, we have extended Pulno's offer to include audits conducted by our SEO experts just for you. We will conduct a professional audit and then prepare specific guidelines for you per your expectations and needs. We are waiting for you at:

Our goal was to make Pulno an easy and accessible tool even for less advanced users. For every issue, we have added a description explaining how to deal with the problem. We have prepared many articles on the subject and have written a handful of instructions. But sometimes, it is just not enough. That's why we extend our offer with a dedicated audit conducted manually by Pulno experts. So what does a manual SEO audit mean? It means that we will check your website for any technical issues and common issues, then come back to you with a result and with a solution.

major issues

Are you worried about your site's ranking factors? Do you think you should rank higher in the search engines? Did you try different audit tools, but they were too complicated, or the results left you hanging? Our manual audit is the answer to your problems. Using Pulno, our experts will run both on-page and off-page SEO audit, and that includes checking your site for the following aspects of SEO:

  • duplicate content issues,
  • backlink profile
  • broken links (both internal links and external links),
  • possible poor user experience due to e.g page loading time
  • crawl errors
  • lack of alt descriptions for images
  • keyword stuffing
  • is your site mobile friendly

and more SEO factors.

broken external links report

However, finding potential indexing issues is not all that we do. After running a successful SEO audit, we will present you with a technical SEO checklist that contains guidelines and an action plan for you. We will tell you what needs to be dealt with in terms of search engine optimization.

Do not hesitate and let us give you a hand with SEO ranking. We do it all to help your website.

If you are looking for help to evaluate your website, contact us at We'll conduct a detailed SEO audit and guide you on how to fix issues with your site to score higher in the search engines.


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